The processes don't stop after developing an application or a website. Website testing and mobile app testing hold major significance. Some errors and bugs might have occurred while developing and programming. Hence, before the final product is delivered, applications and websites have to be tested for security, functioning, and performance.

At Wecode, we realize the problem that apps and websites need to be checked continuously for vulnerabilities, functional and performance errors that might occur. While writing code for different platforms and browsers, some issues and bugs can ruin the user experience. We make sure that these things are eradicated and your customers would want to come back again to download the app or browse the site. Wecode performs various types of testing that include functional and nonfunctional, automated and manual testing options.

Quality Analysis and Testing Services

Wecode has an excellent pool of developers that have years of experience in performing wholesome testing processes. Each component right from interface, database, security, and performance is checked by our developers before they deliver the product. At Wecode we perform proactive testing of the issues and bugs before your customers point them out.

Website Testing

Website testing is a complex process that needs to be performed completely. A website has to be convenient to browse for the customers. Hence, our quality analysis and testing services team checks the developed websites for ease of navigation, content highlights and much more. Similarly, the interface and database also need to go through testing to ascertain its accessibility. Wecode provides high-end quality analysis and testing solutions for loading speed, security certificates, and protecting customer sessions.

Mobile App Testing

When it comes to mobile app testing, look no further than Wecode. Our services are designed in a way that ensures there is a balance maintained between performance and user experience. Managing, upgrading, and maintaining is a tedious task and Wecode simplifies it systematically. Our testing solutions include testing and quality analysis on mobile applications on different devices, ease of browsing, crashing issues, security, and performance.

Automation Testing

Automated testing is a great strategy for testing website and mobile apps because these are long-term projects and such testing helps in saving costs. These tests can also be repeated and don’t lose their significance. Since it requires long planning and scheduling, Wecode has all the required resources and set of tests for initiating the automation processes. Our extensive software tools of frameworks ensure that sensitive data is always secured.

Functional Testing

Functional testing holds great importance because it verifies and detects the functions of websites and apps. Your customers wouldn't want to use a site or app that isn't responsive to their actions. Wecode realizes that the designs of these websites and apps keep adherence to the current demands of customers. Our software developers are constantly looking at what new features they can introduce and ensure that they are tested on each device before the final product is launched.

Non-Functional Testing

Websites and apps might have their functions in line with each other but it is equally important to test how well those functions are performing and responding. Wecode has a dedicated team of testers that has expertise in understanding how a system behaves in a particular condition. Our services make sure that the final performance turns out unmatched.

Manual Testing

Automation and manual testing both have their significance. Manual testing proves to be a great advantage when the project is to be delivered in a short period. It provides the required flexibility and simulates user actions. At Wecode, we help businesses realize when it's better to use manual and when automation should be used. With our logical strategies, we aim to find problems that somehow get neglected.

Selenium Testing

When apps and websites have to be tested on so many browsers and devices, it makes the process complex. Selenium testing provided at Wecode ensures that there is a unified framework solution to test all these services. Quality and performance at distinct levels are maintained and updated in a way that your business remains relevant in the market.

Why Choose Wecode?

Wecode has dedicated itself to providing high-end intensive quality analysis and testing solutions for its clients for many years. We make sure that the websites and apps are deployed in a way that they are appealing, user-centric and high on speed, every time.

Enhanced User-Experience

Different methods of testing provided by Wecode ultimately help in enhancing the user experience. Websites and apps are made top-notch by maintaining content flow and responsiveness to ensure that your business gains its required recognition.

Error-Free Performance

All the apps and websites go through many levels of testing on various devices to deliver the final product that is free of any bugs, errors, and issues. Wecode aims to bring precision and quality in all its projects.

Distinguished Testing Tools

Our software testing tools are capable of testing larger programming codes in shorter durations. Automated testing helps in increasing efficiency by analyzing behaviors of apps and websites on different functioning levels

Cost-Saving Solutions

Our solutions deliver quality and are easy on your budget. We make sure that we provide our testing solutions on different devices to check compatibility and bringing it at par with the real-world scenarios.

Experienced Developers

Our experienced team has set a benchmark of being available whenever you need a manual tester. We make sure that you get the best of our services and hence our lot of engineers and developers are always dedicated to your requirements.